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Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg Inc.
Administrative Office

300-61 Juno Street
Winnipeg, MB  R3A 1T1
Telephone: (204) 982-4940
Fax: (204) 982-4950

Our Clubs and contact info can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Administrative Staff

Ron Brown, President and CEO

Jennifer Williams, Reception


Michelle Schmidt, Director of Programs

Karen Dueck, Assistant Director of Programs

Robyn Peters , Manager of Education Programs

Volunteers and Events

Heather Black, Director of Community Engagement

Communications and Fund Development

Beth Creed, Assistant Director of Community Engagement

Employment Services

Randy Wagner, Director of Employment Services

Huling Yao, Academic Coordinator

Kathleen Kulik, Academic Instructor and Life-Skills Coordinator


Val Schroeder, Controller

Sharon Kirkness, Payroll Assistant

Clubs and Locations

Aberdeen Club
415 Stella Avenue
(204) 582-4403

Carpathia Club
(in Carpathia School)
300 Carpathia Road
(204) 869-6895

Dalhousie Club
(in Dalhousie School)
262 Dalhousie Drive

Freight House Club
Door #4 - 200 Isabel Street
(204) 783-8640

Gilbert Park Club
Units 1 & 2 - 35 Gilbert Avenue
(204) 582-3609

Norquay Club
(in Norquay School)
132 Lusted Avenue
(204) 944-1637

Polson Club
(in Polson School)
491 Munroe Avenue
(204) 798-6133

Ryerson Club
(in Richmond Kings Community Centre)
577 Dalhousie Dr.
(204) 269-1570

Sister MacNamara Club
(in Sister MacNamara School)
460 Sargent Avenue
(204) 942-1919

St. James Club
(in George Waters Middle School)
190 Ferry Road

Victor Mager Club
(in Victor Mager School)
81 Beliveau Road
(204) 255-0042


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