Group Volunteer Opportunities

  • Online Group Volunteer Application Form (to come)

Group volunteers are usually placed in one-time special or annual activities or events. Usually there is an appointed leader who will contact the Director of Community Development to look at group engagement opportunities.

Below are just some ways groups can get involved:

Safe Kids Halloween Party
Coordinate a group of 5 to 8 people for a Safe Halloween Party for 20 to 80 children ages 6-12. Volunteers can assist with or organize activity stations with the help of Club staff. Start planning your party in early September.

Kids Holiday Season Party
To spread the cheer this year volunteers can plan a children’s Holiday Season Party for a group as small as 20 children to as many as 80. Activities can take the shape of Christmas Tree decorating, crafts, a cookie decorating station, a visit with Santa, pin the nose on Rudolf and a dance off. These parties start the beginning of December and run until third week of December. A donation to cover any of the costs or in kind donations also make a huge difference!

Family Holiday Season Dinners
Some Holiday Dinners range from 100 to 230 people. Volunteers may help with food preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning up. Some groups raise money to cover the costs of gifts for 100 to 150 children to or simply subsidize the food costs and come out and serve food. We start planning in October for these events.

Holiday Season Magic Gloves and Sock Drive 
The Holiday Season can be a tough time for some families and we like to even the opportunity field for the children and their families we serve. Winter is around the corner and kids are always in need of new gloves and white or black sports socks (sizes small to men’s large). If your group would like to do a drive of 30 to 100 items, we have kids from ages 6 to 18 who would benefit!

YEA Garden Projects
Youth for Ecological Action is the urban environmental program that educates youth about sustainability and the natural environment. From garden beautification, planting, maintenance to harvest volunteers groups are needed in the spring to the early fall for garden projects.

Community School Investigators (CSI) Summer Learning Program
Groups are needed to help with graduation celebrations for CSI and wind up parties for schools. Extra helping hands to prepare and serve food adds to this summer celebration from children and their families. Donations to cover or subsidize food are appreciated. There are 15 schools and 60 to 70 children registered at each site. At times volunteers are requested to assist with a special summer sports/carnival event.


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