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BGC Winnipeg

Administrative Office
300-61 Juno Street
Winnipeg, MB, R3A 1T1
Telephone: (204) 982-4940
Fax: (204) 982-4950

Administrative Staff

  • Ron Brown, President and CEO
  • Jennifer Williams, Reception


  • Michelle Schmidt, Director of Programs
  • Brittany Mcintosh, Assistant Director of Programs
  • Kate Cove, Assistant Director of Programs
  • Leanndra Rajkumar, Program Support Manager


  • Jared Novoseller, Director of Development
  • Beth Creed, Assistant Director of Development

Employment Services

  • Randy Wagner, Director of Employment Services
  • Jocelyn Chan, Assistant Director of Employment Services
  • Brianne Anderson, Academic Coordinator


  • Leigh Anne Lumbard, Director of Finance
  • Evan Chen, Assistant Director of Finance

Human Resources

  • Karen Tetrault, Director of Human Resources

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Club Locations

Aberdeen Club
415 Stella Avenue

Carpathia Club
(in Carpathia School)
300 Carpathia Road

Dalhousie Club
(in Dalhousie School)
262 Dalhousie Drive

Freight House Club
Door #4 - 200 Isabel Street
(204) 783-8640

Gilbert Park Club
Units 1 & 2 - 35 Gilbert Avenue
(204) 582-3609

Norquay Club
(in Norquay School)
132 Lusted Avenue
(204) 944-1637

Polson Club
(in Polson School)
491 Munroe Avenue
(431) 688-1593

Sister MacNamara Club
(in Sister MacNamara School)
460 Sargent Avenue
(204) 390-7513

South Pembina Club
(in Richmond Kings Community Centre)
577 Dalhousie Dr.
(204) 269-1570

St. James Club
(in George Waters Middle School)
190 Ferry Road

Victor Mager Club
(in Victor Mager School)
81 Beliveau Road
(204) 255-0042