Join BGC Winnipeg on June 7 for BGC Club Day!

Our national awareness day celebrates the life-changing impact of BGC Clubs across Canada

On Friday, June 7, BGC Winnipeg celebrates BGC Club Day - a national awareness day celebrating the opportunities BGC Clubs across Canada create for 150,000 young people and their families each year. Of those 150,000, 1813 are served here at BGC Winnipeg.

Formerly known as Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg, BGC Winnipeg provides safe spaces for children and youth. We help feed kids and their families. Our programs help young people to realize positive outcomes in self-expression, academics, healthy living, physical activity, job readiness, mental health, and more. We believe that opportunity changes everything and see this happening in our Club every day.

BGC Winnipeg surveyed children and youth at our Club about how their time at our Club has impacted them.

  • Because of a Club, 77% of our kids are more physically active
  • Because of a Club, 76% of our kids are more comfortable being themselves
  • Because of a Club, 74% of our kids feel more confident about their futures

BGC Winnipeg’s impact on young people stays with them throughout their lives. Former Club kids, volunteers, and staff members often share stories of their cherished Club memories and tell us about the Club’s unbelievable impact on their lives.

On #BGCClubDay we celebrate the opportunities we create for young people.

Learn more at or on social media with #BGCClubDay. And check out BGC Canada’s highlight reel from last year’s BGC Club Day event.