CSI Program

CSI Program

Combat Summer Learning Loss

The Community School Investigators (CSI) Summer Learning Program is an academic program designed to combat summer learning loss and narrow the opportunity gap by providing five free weeks of quality summer programming in a safe and caring environment.

CSI was developed in collaboration with the Winnipeg School Division on well-documented research that identifies a learning gap or loss that occurs when children are not engaged in education and experiential activities over the summer months. The loss of academic skills over this period is widely known by teachers who spend valuable time during the first months of school re-teaching forgotten concepts and skills to students.

Research also indicates that summer learning loss is a major barrier for children living in low-income households, as they are not given the same opportunities as their counterparts. By offering our five-week, full-day program, children are able to participate in a variety of academic, recreational, and educational activities during the summer months that they would not otherwise experience.

Every day from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, children take part in numerous activities designed to strengthen their math, reading, and writing skills, along with problem solving and language acquisition. Instructors deliver academic activities in the morning, and provide physical activity and cultural experiences in the afternoon. These experiences include field trips, guest artists, and sports and recreation activities. To ensure children make the most of the program, they also receive two nutritious meals each day.

Children attending one of the following schools in the Winnipeg School Division are encouraged to contact their local teacher to discuss the possibility of registering for CSI:

  • Champlain
  • David Livingstone¬†
  • Dufferin
  • John M King
  • King Edward
  • Lord Selkirk
  • Machray
  • Norquay
  • Pinkham
  • Shaughnessy Park
  • Sister MacNamara
  • Victoria Albert
  • William Whyte/Niji Mahkwa

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