Our Board

Our Board

Board of Directors

Our voluntary Board of Directors provides leadership and vision to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg.

  • Brent Ross (Chairperson), Aikins Law
  • Mirzet Alekic (Vice-Chair), Great-West Life
  • Karen Beaudin (Ex-Officio), City of Winnipeg
  • Andrea Crampton (Treasurer), Ernst & Young
  • Kathie Streber (Secretary)
  • Jackie Connell, Winnipeg School Division
  • Ralph Jackson, retired
  • Dr. John Wade, retired
  • John Barr, Province of Manitoba Justice
  • Greg Meade, retired
  • Doug Stephen, WOW Hospitality
  • Fatima Ramjiawan, Winnipeg School Division
  • Cassandra Golondrina, Community


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