Individual Volunteer Opportunities

  • Online Youth Volunteer Application Form (to come)
  • Online Adult Volunteer Application Form (to come)

In a safe supervised environment, children have choices to play, be creative and interact with friends and caring adults after school. Board games, crafts, computer time, free gym, soccer and floor hockey are some of the activities children can participate in. All children enjoy a snack at the club. Volunteers engage with children as a buddy in a board game, supervising a group craft activity, or simply filling the role of the missing player in pick up floor hockey.

Art Clubs offer children and youth a chance to learn about the arts, develop new skills, and develop constructive relationships with peers and adults. The program connects youth with a variety of free arts workshops, including sketching, painting, photography, dance, guitar lessons and more. ArtsConnection seeks to support and nurture young people interested in the arts and help them develop new skills and movement towards greater challenges and expertise. Volunteers may lead or assist by helping with preparation of the activities, supervising and sharing their creative talents in the arts.

Power Up!
The Power Up! program provides a quiet, supportive place where children can get help with schoolwork and participate in educational activities that reinforce reading, writing, math and learning during non-school hours. Power Up! Facilitators use centres, workbooks, homework, one-to-one reading and hands-on lessons to practice and develop academic skills. The small group setting and provision of volunteer mentors, enable children and youth to develop improved skills, relationships and attitudes.

Rogers Raising The Grade
Raising the Grade is an interactive after-school program that allows youth to explore interests, receive homework support, connect with mentors/tutors, interact with peers, increase their digital literacy and plan for post-secondary education. We are looking for volunteers with specialized technology skills or an instructional background with youth.

Seasonal Sports
Assistant volunteer coaches and drivers (Class 4) are often needed for seasonal organized community sports. Practices are often during the weekday and games often take place on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

  • Basketball (October to March)
  • Cross Country Skiing (January to March)
  • Ball Hockey (January to March)
  • Flag Football (February to June)
  • Soccer (May to June & September to October)
  • Volleyball (October to March)

Youth for Ecological Action (YEA)
Youth for Ecological Action (YEA) is a leadership program that creates positive change for youth, their communities and the natural environment. During the program, youth develop new skills and knowledge through active participation in environmental educational activities and urban agricultural projects. Individuals willing to volunteer outdoors during the late spring and summer can assist with garden beautification projects, maintenance and directly with YEA Youth Interns and the YEA Coordinator.

Community School Investigators (CSI) Summer Learning Program
The CSI Program is an academic program designed to combat summer learning loss and narrow the opportunity gap by providing five free weeks of quality summer programming in a safe and caring environment. The program was developed on well-documented research that identifies a learning gap (summer learning loss) that occurs when children are not engaged in education and experiential activities over the summer months. Volunteers can work two to five times a week for a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 35 hours a week.

  • Classroom Assistants
  • Fieldtrip/Recreation
  • Food Coordinator Assistants


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